i▓nstruments. "It's well-preserved and has a proper value that can be afforded by a small number of peo▓ple."Zhang

and Song contacted Florian Leo▓nhard, one of the world's finest living v▓iolin makers and authenticators, to get a certifi


e violin fits all the ▓

cation for the violin's condition and quality, which added value to the instr▓ument.They decided to raise a total of 500,000 yuan split into 50 shares, each of which is g▓uaranteed to receive a fixed return in one year, according to the contract."We set the return at a pretty high lev▓el because we feel the violin can be sold at a higher price tha

n the capital we raised plus ple▓dged returns," Song said. "We want to attr▓act more people to participate in the first project of t▓his kind."The crowdfunding program attr▓a

cted investors from Beijing, Guangdon▓g and New York soon after information about it was posted on WeChat

."I did not think too▓ much about risks. I talked to other partici▓pants before joining in, and we all agreed that it is a valuable project," sa

id Li Wozh▓ou, a violin amateur based in Guangdong, who found the info▓rmation online and later decided to invest.



▓"Having the chance to play one of the finest violins is rare," said Li, adding that it is the additional benefits - sharing

▓information and learning more knowledge - that really attracted him to make the investment.After selling the vi▓olin, Zha

m," said So▓n


ng and Song plan to launch the next program on a crowdfunding platform run by some e-commerce co▓mpanies."I think in the near future, wealthy collecto▓rs in China might still prefer to collect porcela

ins and paintings than rare musical instruments. We hope to▓ keep our channel open to a group of people who have

ften travels a


interests in instrument collec▓tions," Zhang said.Related story: Chinese art market expected to recoverThe once-hot art market is expect▓ed to recover in China, accor

ding to recent market re▓search.In the next three years, wealt▓hy Chinese individuals will have a stronger▓ appetite to invest in art and antiques and less willi▓ngness to invest in monetary assets, according to t▓he annual Hurun Chinese luxury consumer survey released in January.Ca

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